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40RT(R407c) B3-200-26+26D PHE with double cooling circles and single water circle is working as evaporator in coolant circle

Price: 1429 USD

2-18 forge brass valve Compatible with HCFC and HFC refrigerantslubricants including R-410A and CO2

Price: 116 USD

3000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

Price: 850 USD

Good quality Leak detectors for detecting chlorine, fluorine and bromine

Price: 198 USD

Wonderful Digital Refrigerant meters for various refrigerant with 60 charging hose

Price: 298 USD

B6 26KW(35HP) motor for semi-hermetic reciprociating compressor

Price: 640 USD

2HP Low Height Condensing Unit for plastic injection machine

Price: 8180 USD

20M3 mono-block freezer plant for ice cream storage or shipping

Price: 3500 USD

DN150 flanged Cast Iron Balancing Valve mainly for for domestic and commercial use, please consult us about shipping costs

Price: 541 USD

DN300 flanged Cast Iron Balancing Valve mainly for shipping mall air conditoner systems, including 200 dollars shipping costs

Price: 2518 USD

DN125 flanged Cast Iron Balancing Valve mainly for Hydronic Balancing & Control, please consult us about shipping costs

Price: 428 USD

12HP R410a refrigeration scroll compressors is superior heat transfer coefficients and lower pressure drops than with R407C

Price: 1098 USD

B3-032-72D low height plate heat exchangers working as evaproator condenser in 2 or 3 stages cascade refrigeration units

Price: 375 USD

R404a 2HP vertical rotary compressor for ice cream maker or refrigerant display cabinet

Price: 398 USD

100L vertical carbon steel pressure tank provides more constant and the pump installed on the system does not cycles as much

Price: 186 USD

1.5HP fin & tube heat exchanger suitable for small cold storage devices, such as mobile cooler, freezer trailers

Price: 150 USD

Condenser fan speed control with 2 temp. bulb ensures no overheating and a longer product lifetime of condensing and AC units

Price: 103 USD